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100% of funds raised in this campaign will go to production of dolls to be delivered to children currently in hospital undergoing treatment.


Diagnosed with leukaemia at age 13, I have lived and breathed the loneliness and isolation that comes with being diagnosed with a childhood cancer. Determined to bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of children who are battling cancer or have a loved one with cancer, The Awearable Collective is launching a range of inclusive dolls to show each and every child that they are not alone in their journey.

These plush, soft-bodied dolls are more than something to cuddle at night. They are designed to provide children battling cancer with a special friend who is just like them. They have no hair, yet instead rock a colourful awareness bandana, representing different cancers with a matching t-shirt, denim overalls and shoes.

They offer comfort in a time of turmoil…

They show children they are not alone…

And they are a friend to stand by them though their tough time.

Children can look at their Cancer Companion Doll and think ‘Hey! You are just like me.’ We must never underestimate the power and healing nature of feeling understood and not alone. Packed in a gorgeous gift box they come with a special letter to each child to help form their new, unbreakable bond.

Funds raised above the initial goal will see the extended production of these gorgeous, plush Cancer Companion Dolls in a varied range of both genders and ethnicities, so no child ever feels left out. As after all, cancer touches all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity of age.